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Sanchi is a town located in Madhya Pradesh, India. The word Sanchi in Hindi means “Moulds of Stones” but in Sanskrit, the word “Sanch” means “To measure”. Sanchi is also pre-eminent due to the Sanchi Stupas which hosts Buddhists shrines from 3rd century BC to 12th CE. These monuments present at the Great Sanchi stupas were built by the Mauray empire, Gupta empire, Shungas and the Satavahanas.  Chetiyagiri and Kakanaya are historic names which were used for this place. The great bowl, The disciples, Udaygiri caves, Sanchi Stupa 2 along with The Great Stupa are the most interesting locations here.

Flying to Sanchi: Raja Bhoj Airport (54. 9 km away) is nearest airport to Sanchi. It offers flights to domestic regions like Agra, Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Surat and international flights to Jeddah.

Driving to Sanchi:

Destination Distance (km) Time (hh:mm)
Bhopal 48.3 km 1:09
Chanderi 165.6 km 3:27
Ujjain 235.5 km 4:11
Indore 236.9 km 4:16
Panna 335.2 km 6:52

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