Partner Profile: House of Travel and Car Rental

About: House of Travel and Car Rental, as a company is proud to be one of the leading travel agency providing to and fro services from Maharashtra. Since its establishment, the company is growing steadily and is able to make its reputation in the business. House of travel and car rental, has capitalized on this golden opportunity by starting service through its network of New Vehicles and efficient Drivers. The aim and motive of the team is to make House of travel and car rental, a one-stop agency for all the clients. With a dedicated team, good condition vehicles and fast service the company is able to solve a broadening array of customer challenges in recorded time. House of travel and car rental not only provides clients with the absolute best travels services, but listen to them, respond quickly to their current needs, anticipate future needs, and strive to give the complete travelling needs.

Founded: 2010

Headquartered: Pune, India


Rental Hubs: Pune, Mumbai