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The city is located in Bhavnagar district of Gujarat state. It is well known for hills and their rock patterns. The name Sihor has been evolved from Saraswatpur, Sinhalpur, Sinhpur, Sinhor, and Shihor. This place is regarded as ‘Pavitra Kshetra’  Gautameshwar Mahadev and Lake, Sihor's Festivals, Navnath Pilgrimage Navnath Yatra of Shiva Temples, Brahma Kund make it among the popular tourist destinations.

Flying to Sihor: Bhavnagar Airport (26.7 km away) is nearby airport to Sihor offers domestic flights from Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mangalore, Chandigarh and Surat.

Driving to Sihor:

Destination Distance (km) Time (hh:mm)
Rajkot 152 km 2:52
Nadiad 186 km 3:51
Vadodara 215 km 4:35
Ahmedabad 182 km 3:36
Gandhinagar 206 km 3:59

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