Hire a car and driver in Mont Lubin

Mont Lubin is one of the municipalities in the Rodrigues island of Mauritius. It is the second most populous zone on Rodrigues. Mont Lubin is known for its hiking. The Mont Limon situated in the area takes around a 30-minute hike to reach its peak. The breathtaking views of sea, sky and sands from the area are the most highlighting feature and are very much loved by its visitors. While embracing the glory of the area one can binge on cafes and restaurants of the area like Bill’s restro, Tibaz, Malabar among many others.

Flying to Mont Lubin: Sir Gaetan Duval Airport (12.8 km) is closest airport to Mont Lubin. It offers flights to Port Louis and seasonal flights to Saint-Pierre de la Reunion.

Driving to Mont Lubin:

Destination Distance (km) Time (hh:mm)
Grande Montagne 3.2 km 0:05
La Ferme 10 km 0:17
Baie Du Nord 11.3 km 0:19
Petite Butte 11.7 km 0:18
Plaine Corail 12.7 km 0:20

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