Hire a car and driver in Delvada

The city is located on  the banks of the Machundri River, located in Mahesana district in Gujarat, India. The city is famous for the holy places of the Hindu and the Mushlim community. The famous Sai baba temple, Mahadev Shiv Temple, Jain Derasars and Minars are the famous places in the city.

Flying to Delvada: Diu Airport (18.4 km away) offers domestic flights from Mumbai.

Driving to Delvada:

Destination Distance (km) Time (hh:mm)
Rajkot 221 km 4:39
Jamnagar 311 km 6:22
Bhavnagar 229 km 4:54
Surat 572 km 11:29
Nadiad 370 km 7:53

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