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Also known as Somanathpur, Somnathpur, or Somanathpura, a famous town located in the Mysore district of Karnataka state. It is the home of the famous Chennakesava Temple, located on the bank of River Kaveri. The temple was constructed by Somanatha Dandanayaka, a general of the Hoysala King Narasimha in 1285. One can experience the  Hoysala architecture inside the temple.

Flying to Somanathapura or Somnathpur or Somanathpura: Mandakalli Airport (40.9 km away) offers international flights from Dubai, Singapore, London, Bangkok, Colombo( Sri Lanka), Kuwait, Muscat and domestic flights from Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Goa, Cochin, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Belgaum, Pune, Hubli.

Driving to Somanathapura or Somnathpur or Somanathpura:

Destination Distance (km) Time (hh:mm)
Bangalore 135 km 3:12
Tumkur 145 km 2:51
Tiruppur 173 km 4:59
Coimbatore 182 km 5:10
Kozhikode 229 km 5:42

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