Car Rental in India: Ensuring Safety and Comfort for Elderly and Children

When you are travelling with family, particularly with the elderly and children it requires meticulous planning and ensuring everyone’s safety and comfort. Whether you are a foreigner or an Indian travelling with family, the transportation service that you choose can completely transform your travel experience.

In this article we will discuss why prioritizing safety and comfort is necessary when selecting transport service for family trips. We will explore practical advice and examples that will help you to make a better choice.

What are the Challenges of Family Travel?

Family travel is a very beautiful experience that comes with a unique set of challenges. Following are some major issues that families face during the vacation:

  • Poor Road Conditions: In many parts of India the road conditions are far away from being ideal. Uneven surfaces, potholes, and bumps can make travelling uncomfortable and dangerous, especially for the elderly and children. Elderly passengers have mobility issues and health conditions that mandate smooth travel on roads. For example, a passenger with the problem of joint pain and arthritis will be putting their health at risk if they travel in rural areas. In these areas usually roads are bumpy causing jolting rides.
  • Chaotic Traffic: Indian traffic is infamous for being chaotic. Navigating through this dense traffic can be a difficult task even for regular tourists. The traffic situation is confusing and drivers often disregard traffic rules. This unpredictability of traffic can put tourists under unnecessary stress.
  • Ageing Vehicles: Many taxis provided by car rental companies in India are older than three years. These old vehicles lack modern amenities which can impact your travel experience. Seats in these old vehicles are worn out with poor air-conditioning. Additionally, there are so many cars on the road with depleted shock absorbers. The lack of shock absorption in cars means that passengers, particularly the elderly and children, are at risk of severe jolts and vibrations. In cities like Kolkata and Chennai, most of the roads are riddled with potholes and uneven surfaces. Vehicles with deteriorating shock absorbers can become extremely unsafe and prone to accidents in such road conditions.

How to Ensure Comfort on Your Trip?

Comfort is the topmost priority for any tourist especially if you are travelling with the elderly and children. Choosing new and well-mentioned cars can make a big difference.

  • New Taxis: New vehicles are equipped with modern amenities like spacious seating, good air conditioning, airbags, and ABS (anti-lock braking systems). Choosing new vehicles can transform your journey from a bumpy ride to a smooth ride.
  • Travel Fatigue: If you are on a long journey then travel fatigue is the next common thing. However, if you opt for taxis that have ergonomic seating and smooth suspension systems then it can reduce fatigue of travel. Additionally, travelling in a taxi with supportive seats, plush and sufficient space can help elderly passengers to stay comfortable even during long journeys.

Legroom Constraints and Luggage Troubles

There are vehicles with the problem of inadequate legroom that can be discomforting for senior citizens. Moreover, in India CNG based taxis are prevalent which exacerbates this problem.

If you sit in a car without adequate legroom then the knees would be pressed against the seats. This causes immense discomfort, especially for senior citizens. The problem with a CNG cylinder is that it takes up a lot of space in the trunk. This leaves passengers no choice but to store luggage inside the cabin. And if you are traveling with a family with lots of luggage it can be very challenging to fit in the luggage in the car trunk.

In tourist destinations like Goa, where tourists generally travel with substantial luggage, the lack of boot space for rental cars can become a major inconvenience. Sometimes necessitating multiple trips or the use of roof racks, which come with their own set of challenges regarding security and accessibility.

How to Choose a Quality, High-Rated Car Rental Service in India?

Now that we know to ensure a pleasant trip how important premium car rental service in India is, here are some tips and factors to consider when you are looking for car rental in India:

  • Cleanliness and Maintenance: A good sign of any premium car rental service is that they will never compromise on cleanliness and maintenance. A well-maintained vehicle is also less likely to break down during the trip. All the premium car rental services will have protocols in place for daily cleaning and sanitizing of their vehicles, providing a clean and safe environment for passengers.
  • Professional and Well-Trained Drivers: Professional and well-trained drivers are important for safe and comfortable journeys. Well-trained drivers are well aware of local routes thus it can reduce your travel time significantly. A driver who knows the best shortcuts to avoid traffic jams in a busy city like Bangalore will ensure a more efficient and less stressful journey.
  • Technology Integration: Look for car rental service companies that offer easy booking via mobile apps or websites. These technology integrations provide you with the option of tracking, electronic receipts, and fare estimates.
  • Payment Options: Ensure that the taxi service you have selected accepts different payment methods like cash, digital payments, and credit cards.

Additional Safety Features

Before booking your taxi make sure that the taxis are equipped with safety features to cater for the particular needs of vulnerable passengers:

  • Child Seats: Child seats are very important for the safety of children. This reduces the risk of injuries to a great percentage. However, there is a sheer lack of car rental service companies in India that provide child seats.
  • Easy Access for Elders: Boarding and disembarking from public transportation or even private vehicles can be a difficult task for the elderly due to limited mobility. Only a few car rental service companies in India, for example, Stayfari provide step stools and other assistive devices.


To conclude we can say that it is our responsibility to make well-informed choices while selecting transport services. We should always opt for premium vehicles that offer interior comfort, good storage space and specialized accommodations for the elderly and children.

Whether you are exploring the busy streets of an Indian city or heading to a mountainous vacation spot, prioritizing these aspects will ensure that your journey is as enjoyable as the destination itself.